Jonathan Schipper / Slow Motion Car Crash, 2012

Jonathan Schipper / Slow Motion Car Crash, 2012

TEKS is co-producing Jonathan Schipper’s latest installation in Europe with technical equipment produced for his installation at Meta.Morf 2010. The installation can be seen at LOCUS+ in Newcastle upon Tyne until March 31.

16 Saville Row
Newcastle upon Tyne

‘Schipper’s work provides an alternative way of experiencing the world by slowing down physical events to almost imperceptible movement. This slow motion car crash sculpture is actually moving at a speed of 7mm per hour in a choreographed collision. With a dramatic inevitability that reflects our own mortality, over the course of the Festival month, the car is eventually destroyed.

Co-commissioned by Locus+ and AV Festival
With technical support from TEKS-Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre’


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