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Cecilia Jonsson – The Iron Ring

THE IRON RING | Cecilia Jonsson

June 7 @ 18:00August 4 @ 16:00

THE IRON RING Mixed media-installasjon: Imperata cylindrica gress / Jern-artefakter / Video / Bok Der ”grønn gruvedrift” sikter mot en generelt mer bærekraftig drift, utforsker The Iron Ring i stedet hvordan forurensede gruveområder kan brukes til å utvinne metaller fra planteliv rundt gruvene og på samme tid restituere områdene. I dette prosjektet har  24 kg jernkontaminert gress fra et gruveområde blitt omgjort til en 2 gram [...]

Meta.Morf X – Digital Wild

The sixth biennale for art & technology – META.MORF – is coming on March 5, 2020!

Meta.Morf X – Digital Wild leaves the established narratives behind – instead bending and twisting our illusions about digital futures. The purposes of new technologies become twisted, and the obvious challenged. The rationale gets blurry, and we start to see the fascinating contour of a wild future we may be a part of. Outside of the accustomed perceptions, things quickly get wild and surreal – and kinky.

Today we create our technologies in a solutionist manner – neat, clean and ever efficient to serve a purpose. When we get instrumental, we get predictable. The smart algorithms and gadgets we so intimately engage with unfold a foreseeable and calculated reality. [Read more...]


TEKS is launching an open call for the second edition of the Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art. TL:NO is an archival collection currently consisting of 100+ printed publications that represent the Norwegian media art field. The collection forms the most comprehensive knowledge and documentation of the field in terms of history, artistic activities, and artists. Deadline September 1, 2019. [Read more…]

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