iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad Development Workshop

In cooperation with CIANT –  International Centre for Art and New Technologies, Prague, Meta.Morf arrange a 6 day introductional workshop in software development for the iPhone and iPad.

October 29 – November 3 @ TEKS / Address

Registration: teks@teks.no
Free workshop for non commercial projects/ developers!

The iPhone/iPad Developer workshop are lead by Matěj Sychra (evangelist, UI/UX designer and developer) and Luděk Dolejský (senior developer).

Workshop description.

First three days will introduce the iOS platform and its main features, AppStore and iTunes from the publisher’s point of view and, of course, the Xcode developer environment and Objective-C programming language.

The Second part will be focused on all the fun that comes with mastering basics of Objective-C and Cocoa for both OS X and iOS, connecting to the developer community and using various external frameworks speeding-up the development process.

The workshop is aimed for Mac owners with just basic programming skills in any kind of C-type programming language who want to write own apps for their iPhone/iPod/iPads.

The workshop will cover following topics:

• DOs and DON’Ts in planning your application
• developer interfaces (Xcode and others)
• monetization and application life-cycle
• beginner’s guide to iOS memory management
• using accellerometer, gyroscope, location information and MapKit
• working with external devices
• submitting to the AppStore

Schedule (Click to read):