Want to build your own unique instrument? Look no further! Next week, from 19-21 october, Meta.Morf is proud to present a workshop held by Tore H. Bøe that will both show you how, and help you create your very own acoustic laptop. What is this acoustic laptop you migth ask? Of course, only imagination is the limit here, but one often find a wooden box as a starting point. By the help of contact microphones (also known as piezo elements, you know, the ones you find in cheap greeting cards that play a sound when you open them), we can tap the awesome potential of acoustic sound from the box itself, by attatching this contact microphone to the “laptop-casing”.

One then assembles an array of nice little objects, these can be anything, as long as they in some way or the other have the possibility to make sound in some way, either it is small metal springs, egg splicers, melody boxes, pieces of rock, plastic, wood, metal, parts of recycled musical instruments, anything! Take these assembled found objects, and make them a part of your laptop, usually by gluing, or screwing, or nailing them to the box, but you of course choose yourself. With the help of professional supervision, you will get the assistance and guidance you need to successfully make your acoustic laptop the highly enjoyable, rich instrument it can be. Either you are a musician just wanting to spice up your setup, or you are an experimentalist looking for sound in all the wrong places, this workshop is for you. Kids of all ages are welcome. And did we mention the entire workshop is free?

As a part of the workshop, is also the goal to present the results at a Klubb Kanin evening the 22th of october. This evening Tore himself will play, and the plan is to have the workshop participants preform with their fresh new acoustic laptops. There will also be a small exhibit of some nice acoustic laptops Tore have made.

The workshop will be held at ReMida, at Svartlamoen, the 19-21 october, from 10:00 – 15:00 all days. As there may be a limit to how many participants is possible, first come, first served, is how we do this.

To reserve a spot, send a mail to both:

Pål Bøyesen: paalboey@broadpark.no & Arnfinn Killingtveit: arnfinn@teks.no