From medieval mythologies we are familiar with hybrid creatures like the Centaur and the Griffon. The creation of these fantasy beings denies in itself the very existence of species as we define the term today. The tendency to try to abolish the species and our body´s limitations seems to be a recurring theme with mankind. This years conference highlights amongst others how knowledge from new research and insight radically can happen to change human biology and self understanding, and how art practice both becomes influenced by this development, as well as being able to influence the same.

Curator: Espen Gangvik
Moderator: Laura Beloff

Trondheim Matchmaking complete documentation 2008

Kera Nagel • Eric Singer • Margarete Jahrmann • Andre Aspelmeier • Roy Ascott • ITOVATION • Marta De Menezes • LEMUR • Amy Youngs • Victoria Vesna • Leif Krinkle • ALEPH • Natasha Vita-More • Eva Sutton • INCITE/ • Laura Beloff • Letizia Jaccheri • Pierre Bastien • Peter Flemming • George Gessert • Adam Matta • BOL • XPLODING PLASTIX •