An exhibition-project based on the idé of space as a living structure. This was a collaboration between the PNEK ‘nods’, and financially supported by Art Council Norway.
Brings together artists working with electronic or digital
technology.The participants have different backgrounds – coming from the visual art scene, the sound field and film. Different sound and visual materials, programme coding, technical knowledge and artistic experience are integrated
in a collective working process.The result of this process is not predictable or given,
and the workshop’s aim is to break down the border between the works.
TEKS aranged this workshop in collaboration with the Art Academy in Trondheim (KiT).
Andrea Sunder-Plassmann
Jeremy Welsh . Reinert Mithassel
Trine E. Eidsmo . Tinna Ludviksdottir
Trond Lossius .Thorolf Thuestad . Moritz Tredup
Nils Claesson . Espen Gangvik . Robin Stöckert
Kristin Bergaust . Kenneth Langås
Per Jonas Lindstöm
24.03 – 29.03.2003
Workshop with presentation friday 28th March at 4pm
Produced by PNEK – Production Network For Electronic Art
Local producer TEKS
Coordinator . Janne Stang Dahl
Web administrator. Halldor Gjernes
Supported by The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affaires
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