Experts in team is a project aimed at 4th year students at NTNU. The project involves students from different disciplines at the university.
EIT started as a pilot project in 1998, as a part of NTNU’s strategy for interdisciplinary, and to strengthen the students competence in collaborating across disciplines.
As of today this course, which gives 7,5 study points, is mandatory for all engineering students, and for all students at the Historical Philosophical faculty, and will be introduced to all master grade studies on a long term plan.
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TEKS functions on a term to term base as an external consultant.  Our first assigment was in spring 2004. 1050 students from both technological and humanistic faculties participated.
TEKS’s involvement was to contribute with selected realistic art-projects for the students to work with.
One of the large projects of the year, is the collaboration with the institute for computer-technique, NTNU (in charge by professor Letizia Jaccheri) and Experts in team. TEKS counseled the students throughout the process.
On the 3rd of may, the EIT students presented their finished projects at the Art Society in Trondheim.