E-motions is a series of 7 portraits, presented as video projections, by Trine Eidsmo. The pictures change from the one till the other in a barely noticeable development- and are presented on one projector. The portraits started out as photographical images, then these have been graphically manipulated, and in the end they’re presented as an animation.

E-motions are first and foremost personal portraits. Still, in the creation of the portraits, the shapes, colors and physicality of the faces are not emphasized. What gets attention is the distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround any person, a kind of mental –or non-physical presence. The persons are at the same time present and absent; at the same time physical and spiritual. The portraits are attempts to make momentarily snapshots that talk of infinity. Conditions. Moods .

The subtility of the portraits is a challenge as comes to means and techniques of presentation. Because it is crucial for the expression to find the right ballance within contrast, brightness and sharpnes of the portraits –they have to be adjusted to the concrete equipment that is to be used for presentation.