Trans<->Former 13

Trans<->Former #13 by Espen Gangvik continuously redraws it´s own positions in space. New shapes are being created in an eternal process, where the movements itself takes part as the sculpting force.

Trans<->Former #13 is a dynamic sculpture with a set of equal sub-structures with a behavior sought that continuously redraws its own positions in space. In collaboration with Associate professor Gunnar Tufte, Department of computer and information science, NTNU, the artistic vision is trying to be achieved by considering the sculpture as a non-uniform 2D cellular automata.

By including the adaptive and explorative properties of a Cellular Genetic Algorithm in the expression of the moving sculpture, Trans<->Former #13 is capable of generating a continuous emerging behavior. The global behavior is a result of a local EA and control system in each sub-structure. The principles of the work are demonstrated in two experimental approaches using 3D simulation.

The assembled sculpture will have computer controlled joints based on artificial intelligence to be able to change its shape by automatically repositioning its joints. The sculpture parts mutual positions may also be altered by various forms of external trigging.

The sculpture can also have the possibility to interact with the audience at sight, transforming its positions and shape according to the viewers amount and distance. The sculpture is powered by solar panels and is independent of external wiring.

Trans<->Former prototype with four joints build using LEGO. Engineered by Scientific assistant Fredrik Widerøe, Dep. of engineering design and materials, NTNU.