New.Brave.World! – cinema program.

In collaboration with the TRONDHEIM CINEMATEK and the KOSMORAMA Film festival.

In the world of cinema, man has been looking outwards more or less fram day one, out towards new spheres, searching for new civilizations or looking to establish new orders, new world societies, new existential modes of being. From film pioneer and magician Georges Méliès’ Le voyage dans la lune (1902) to Duncan Jones’ Moon (2009), space has been the place for dreams and nightmares, utopias and dystopias. Between these films we find – in what somewhat simplified is known as science fiction – some of cinema’s most important, fantastic and groundbreaking works: Metropolis (Fritz Lang 1926), Things to Come (William C. Menzies 1936) and Blade Runner (Ridley Scott 1982) are sharp contemporary critiques dressed up as thrilling and adventurous visions of the future, while 2001: A Space Odyssey (Stanley Kubrick 1968) and Solaris (Andrei Tarkovsky 1972) place the small human being in a much, much larger philosophical and existential setting. These films make up the cinematic journey to the new world at Meta.Morf 2010 – New.Brave.World!.

Svein Inge Sæter
director Trondheim Cinematek.

Curators: Svein Inge Sæther, Ola Lund Renolen, Jan Wilhelm Andersen and Torbjørn Grav.

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