Hindrum Nedre Gård is runned by Frode Hindrum and Lisa Mathiesen. Yesterday it was walking.

We will explain everything well at the time machine of the restructuring of the Orgonic Farm Operation.
The Farm has been in Hindrums family at least 500 years, but you have probably seen a good part of longer –

Longer …
Maybe up to 1500 years ago.
Maybe more!

Primal inntekt is called melkeproduksjon (from Lise mainly, Frode is still working on his lactating abilities, always harder when you are a male this is)

But we are also massive forests. It rains a lot in this forest, still it is not a rainforest?
Fjell & Court (so you can have a fresh walk before you are convicted)

Cultivated land is about 250 DAA (but only 66 DaDa)
(Total Imen farm consisted of about 6000 DAA) (wow, that is ImenSE)

We are young eels!
Are we the young eels of pleasure?

Sandals | Scandals?
Bergskrenter | Bergensjenter?
Fjelltopp | Fallossopp?
Snaufjell | Daukæll?
Innsjøer | Utsjøer?
Skogkledde fjell | Glidende gel?

Kuer (KYR!)
Hester (Hyr)
Cats (Cyr)

Dogs (Dyr)

Tractors (Tyr)

AGRO-TECHNOLOGY (Gentle industrial death farming the humane organic way)

CUT THEM UP like regular chickens!

* * *