What about some instant, instead of constant, you could think of something … oh asså instead of constant as it is instant and rather shifting, like beer … good beer. Oh .. with øyvind which is then wolves, instantibululv, wolf noise environment by the name of the wolf Hellner.

There is always a persistent human factor, always a parallel on a parallel to another parallel that when experiencing the parallel narrative, parallel piece of time. to another parallel. Are we happy ike is in audio chip. then had it blown Huene on anyone. I will really talk about smoking I .. Hojo ..

You know how much we pay in taxes for cigarettes. it is up to 12-13 billion. only for smoking, we charge hospital bills for others. it’s fun to think about. Now there is a 50% tax on cigarettes. before it was 30 half of Norway will pay around 11 and 20 thousand in the vein. 5 times 3 millions people times ten times 20 when you come up in high numbers with a lot of money, that’s all they bother to spend money on.