Det blir ny anledning til å delta på workshop med Marieke Verbiesen og Gijs Gieskes i Videohometraining i høst!

18. – 22. oktober. Begrenset plass. Meld deg på så snart du kan!

Kursavgift kr. 1200,-.


Animated interfacing for the web. Using sound and image in interfaces with use of flash/actionscript/html/java


Marieke Verbiesen (NL) http://www.marieke.nu & Gijs Gieskes (NL) http://www.gieskes.nl

Description workshop:

In this workshop we will explain and investigate the use of sound and image to be used in webinterfaces. There are many ways for making a mouse – and/or keyboardcontrolled interfaces that contain sounds-/ images/animations. We will focus on creating and experimenting with interfaces and weblanguages, rather than making a plain documentation site (however both is possible). We will investigate how to use existing languages ( javascript / html / actionscript ) by modifying and adjusting existing scripts. Also we will experiment with creating mouse-/ keyboard or joystick controlled interfaces that can be used to create for instance a game and/or implement the use of webcams/microphones.

Technical requirements:

We will work with both html/java and flash. Some basic html knowlegde is recommended for the workshop, however not required.