october 13-17:
5 days, 5 places!
In collaboration with Theater AvantGarden!
More than 1000 people participated!

Over 70 presenters and performers! Have a look at the programme!
the PROGRAMME including an extended description of every participant!


13th of October 2004 Trondheim Electronical Arts Centre were welcomming you to the third annual festival for new technology and electronic arts in Norway!

Trondheim Matchmaking is a meeting point to present innovative ideas and artistic projects, a place to ensure and develop competence and resources within new technology and electronic arts.
New art projects with a need for technology - new technologies with a need for substance: an attempt to bind together resources and competence within the field.

Till this year's festival, like earlier years, we've invited international capacities, that in addition to local and national researchers and artists present a very diverse set of artistic- and research- projects within new technologies and electronical art.

In addition to presentations and concerts at Blue Garden, we arranged, in cooperation with Theater AvantGarden performances with Verdensteateret and Kreutzer Kompani at Trondheim Kunstmuseum and TAG. New of the year was also that we curated and produce an exhibition at Trøndelag Senter for Samtidskunst.

The festival of 2004 was amongst others focusing on electronical art in public spaces. We see an increasing demand for electronic art as permanent public installations. This bring upon us a whole new range of issues to be mapped and discussed.
PNEK, the Production Network for Electronic Arts, Norway, in cocperation with NOTAM recently published a book on the subject. We invited Janne Stang Dahl (PNEK coordinator) and co-editor of the book, "Elektronisk kunst i det offentlige rom" (Electronic Arts in Public Spaces) to enlighten the subject.

To follow up on this, a row full of artists came to present a diverse set of artistic projects, like for instance: Natalie Jeremijenko, artist/ professor, UCSD, San Diego, "Fishy Interactions" (human interaction with fish), Anna Hill, artist, Dublin: "Space Synnaps Systems" (sculptures in space), Even Westvang, artist, Oslo, "Nomen Nominandum" (digital decoration, Byåsen skole), Helen Varley, netartist, London: "Upstage" (open-source application, creating a web-based venue for 'cyberformance'.), Bjarne Kvinnsland, composer, Oslo, "The Tunnel of Light".

We took a closer look at the demoscene, Multimedia art created by hacker and cracker artist; Lassi Tasajärvi, Helsinki, presented the first nordic book on the subject: "Demoscene: The Art of Real-Time".
And we had a glance at digital lifestyle and interaction: Gisle Hannemyr, writer/ speaker, Oslo: "Digital lifestyle", Dag Svanes, researcher, NTNU, Trondheim: "Understanding the interactive experience", Lotte Sederholm, Örebro: "Interactive nordic sculpturepark", John Hopkins, nomade: "A life with open-source code".

In addition we had the honor to present a truly strong concert program, with XPLODING PLASTIX as this year's festival´s round up, saturday night!
Other highlights were:

Kelly Davis, Tokyo/ Oslo
Gintas K, Vilnius
Ryfylke, Oslo
Nopia, Trondheim
Audun Eriksen, Bergen
VideoHomeTraining, Amsterdam
Murmel, Trondheim
Synkopat, Trondheim


The exhibition “eXistens” held in connection with TMM04 shows art projects where new life, or new realities, created through digital and electronic artworks are the focusing point.
Some of the works seem to appear as autonomous identities, in their own universe and with their own life-cycle.
"eXistens" is a misspelling of the norwegian word "eksistens", [existence ].

Artists presented:
H.C.Gilje: "Sleepers", 2004
Laura Beloff & Erich Berger: "Spinne"
Hilde & Bård Tørdal: "Boyscouts ate my mothers brain!", 2004
Lars Brunström og David Krantz: "Drake", 2004
Trine E Eidsmo: "eMotions", 2003-2004
Knut Mork Skagen: "Alt står bra til med Nordmennene", 2004
Espen Gangvik: "Live Life", 2004