How to read water #5 /
Anna Thu Schmidt, Hanne Dahl Geving, Thea Ellingsen Grant

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Foto: Hanne Dahl Geving 

How to read water #5

Anna Thu Schmidt / Hanne Dahl Geving / Thea Ellingsen Grant

How to read water is an interdisciplinary dance installation that explores the relationship between the human body and the ocean. Schmidt, Grant and Geving explored the gallery space at TEKS and transformed the project into a dance film and installation in combination with live events. The artists aim to create an interdisciplinary art experience in a timeless, meditative space inspired by the phenomenon called ‘Blue Space’. In How to read water #5, music, dance and video art come together as equal elements. While all the senses are triggered when you are in the sea, the sense of time is often lost. How to read water recreates this timeless space.

On Sunday October 23, TEKS opens its doors as part of Trondheim Open. Meet the artists throughout the day to experience the work and get insight into the project and the creative process. Join us for a meditative movement practice, 1:1 breathing exercises, an ocean walk, a stone ritual, or for an informal chat over a coffee. A live performance by dance artist Anna Thu Schmidt and musician Thea Ellingsen Grant inside the gallery can be viewed from the street at 7 pm.

Co-produced by: TEKS
Supported by: Kulturrådet, Trondheim Kommune


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